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Chance to reflect - Does the passing of America's health reform bill provide an opportunity to reflect on European efforts to strengthen healthcare?

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Jodie Humphries
Web Editor

Is healthcare realising the benefits of IT?

Over the years have governments finally realised that IT can play an influential part in healthcare?
23 Mar 2010

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Is healthcare realising the benefits of IT?

Over the years, governments have attempted to integrate technology into healthcare around the world. Some have been successful - some have been failure's.

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Wired world

Right now, you’d think electronic health records would be the last things on anyone’s mind. A raging pandemic of swine flu, rock icons dying in mysterious circumstances amid rumors of prescription drug abuse, hospital-acquired infections still causing serious problems – there are so many other health-related stories dominating the headlines. And yet EHRs remain top of the agenda, and rightfully so.

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