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Chance to reflect - Does the passing of America's health reform bill provide an opportunity to reflect on European efforts to strengthen healthcare?

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Executive Interviews

Interview with CEO of Implanet, Erick Cloix

CEO of Implanet, a medical device and healthcare information technology company based in Bordeaux, France, Erick Cloix, spoke to Next Generation Healthcare Europe about its innovative technology, 'Beep N Track', and how they survived the recession.

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Comprehensive diagnostics

Guus Simons of PathoFinder reveals where the molecular diagnostics sector in Europe is heading.

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The rise of medical imaging

Martin Törnvik of Ziehm Imaging talks about the innovations and improvements currently going on in the world of medical imaging.

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Addressing pre-operative anaemia management

Vifor Pharma's Christoph Springer explains the importance of patient blood management in providing treatment for iron deficiency.

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