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Our team of editors discuss what they think about the current Next Generation Healthcare issues

Jodie Humphries
Web Editor

Is healthcare realising the benefits of IT?

Over the years have governments finally realised that IT can play an influential part in healthcare?
23 Mar 2010

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Cover Stories

Innovation institute

In an exclusive interview Executive Director of the European Health Technology Institute, Rosanna Tarricone, reveals the challenges of a...

Closing the gap

With high quality health services become an increasing priority, discussions around cross-border healthcare systems are coming to a head. Will...

The best system in the world?

Healthcare reform is a highly emotive issue on both sides of the Atlantic. NGH takes a look at how health systems in Europe and the US measure...

Vendor Perspectives

Executive Interviews

Interview with CEO of Implanet, Erick Cloix

CEO of Implanet, a medical device and healthcare information technology company based in Bordeaux, France, Erick Cloix, spoke to Next Generation Healthcare Europe about its innovative technology, 'Beep N Track', and how they survived the recession.
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Comprehensive diagnostics

Guus Simons of PathoFinder reveals where the molecular diagnostics sector in Europe is heading.
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The rise of medical imaging

Martin Törnvik of Ziehm Imaging talks about the innovations and improvements currently going on in the world of medical imaging.
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NG Healthcare MENA Summit 2010

NG Healthcare MENA Summit 2010
19th - 21st April

The Next Generation Healthcare MENA Summit 2010 will once again serve as an arena for senior level executives to engage in clear and focused dialogue with their peers and examine their management objectives in a relaxed and vibrant environment.